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Honey Hollow Elementary School



We are a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) school. Our constant emphasis is to create a culture where our students live and breathe "Being Respectful, Being Responsible, Being Safe, and Being Kind". These beliefs are practiced daily during our morning announcements as our students recite our "Honey Hollow Pledge". Also, a social behavioral skill is introduced, taught, and reinforced by teachers and staff throughout the week.
The primary purpose of PBIS is to build and support positive behaviors of all students. Here at Honey Hollow, we have many positive activities to help reinforce these behaviors. A student can receive a purple ticket for demonstrating the proper use of any social skill or being responsible, respectful, safe, or kind. Purple tickets are put in containers outside of teachers' rooms. There is a weekly drawing to select some students who are announced to the school. Those winners get a prize. For those tickets that are not selected, students receive five respect bucks. Respect bucks are also a positive incentive. Students can earn respect bucks for a variety of positive behaviors. Weekly, a student store is open for the students to spend their respect bucks. Other positive activities include dessert with the principal. Students with perfect attendance for the week - no absences, no tardies, no early releases are randomly selected to have dessert served by the principal. Other incentives include month attendance awards, Game Day participation, reading awards, and numerous class opportunities to reward positive behaviors.
Part of a PBIS system does include consequences for negative behaviors. If a student does not follow/obey a school rule, he/she may receive an Expectation Reminder (ER) Ticket. This ER Ticket states what he/she did and what the consequences are. It also is an opportunity as a teaching moment by the staff member who issued it. ER Tickets is an on-going school-wide intervention (class, cafeteria, playground, library, etc.) done by all staff members anywhere on the campus. ER Tickets are considered low level interventions which will hopefully prevent future inappropriate behaviors. If a student receives four (4) or more ER Tickets within a trimester, he/she will serve an after-school detention (reflection period). Reflection period is another opportunity to address and correct the inappropriate behavior. Reflection period is taught by the school counselor and she teaches social skills students need to support with, to help prevent them from receiving another ER ticket. Severe Office Referrals are actions taken to address extreme behaviors like fighting, repeated disruptions and/or defiance, acts that are more grievous than minor actions. 
Other strategies currently used at the site are 'check in / check out' throughout the day with a staff member serving as a mentor, time away with another staff member to refocus on learning, and group counseling opportunities to allow students to redirect themselves.
Our goal for Honey Hollow is to be a positive learning environment while teaching appropriate behaviors to help our students reach their maximum learning potential. Our goal is to help every student to become academically and socially successful. You can help our PBIS culture by continuing to be a positive role model and regularly reminding your child to "be respectful, be responsible, be safe, and be kind". Thank you for your support and cooperation.